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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


So if you have been following any of our blogs, you are probably going to be slightly surprised by our most recent news! We have a daughter...from CHINA!!! We have been working on our paperwork over the last month, but since our latest adoption hurdles, we were very reluctant to make any formal announcements, but we are very confident we will be traveling overseas very soon to bring Maire home! The boys are thrilled, our parents are ecstatic, and Andy and I are just besides ourselves. We have dreamed about our daughter for over 5 years!

This has been a very long wait to bring home our girl. I will post the entire details shortly, but wanted everyone to meet our sweet girl NOW! Watch for details in the future. We are still short on our fundraising, and have a very short time to draw in the final few thousand, but we are confidant God will provide!
Ladies and gentlemen, friends, family & adoption supporters worldwide, with great joy, we are thrilled to introduce you to...

Our daughter Maire

Saturday, May 15, 2010

We are moving!

Blog sites, that is! Won't see much on here until I can talk the hubby into another international adoption! Considering the current one has taken us from China to Burundi to Ethiopia and now back to China---not to mention over 3 years of our lives---we might never to get our African Princess. But I never give up...I'm very irritating in that way! So...surprise! Join us now at chinasurprise.blogspot.com.